P&S Navigation by: Sabbat Software

Shopping is broken. We fix it.

P&S Navigation is a platform which solves the problem of dissatisfying shopping experiences by making shopping fun and easy. We are frustrated with how difficult it is to navigate indoors to find products and points of interest.

We solve the problem by allowing a user to create a shopping cart of products or points of interest and then overlaying arrows over a device's camera image to direct a user to the next item in their itinerary.

We are also frustrated the difficulty of finding help while in a store. Employees can be difficult to find. We created a call for help function which will direct employees to help users. There is a tablet-oriented employee application that will map a user's location who needs help.

The platform would be useful for everything from small to large stores, warehouses, airports, schools, conferences, and anywhere else that navigating indoors is a challenge.

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    • Alex Best
    • Jesse Bond
    • Adrian Sylvester
    • Jenny Ta
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